Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Dennis Hopper, Keifer Southerland, Carol Kane: 1990

* After we declared the Branch Davidian conflict ended, no one else died.
* We've found evidence of chemical weapons??!! Where?! How?! I really must stop watching the liberal media. It's even affected Fox, who has failed to report this stunning victory for the side of truth.
* Sure the 3rd Infantry Division works quicker than Teddy can swim (what was he thinking?), but no one can beat Janet Reno's elite forces for nabbing Cuban kids to send 'em home. (Ya know, I didn't agree with everything the Clinton admin did; I haven't voted Dem in an election in the last 10 years).
* "We have to remember that [Florida] is a big place. If Washington DC were as big as [Florida] we'd have [70 gazillion] muders a day." (Sorry, Rumsy: I'll never take another thing you say seriously). I have to defend Florida, even if ScrewUp 2000 was its most shameful moment.

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