Friday, April 25, 2003

Let's, for a moment, take a quick look at strange buildings. Like this one for example:

When the store closes for the day, so does the building!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Ant Hill

Black ants have made a musty mound
My purple pine tree under,
And I am often to be found,
Regarding it with wonder.
Yet as I watch, somehow it;s odd,
Above their busy striving
I feel like an ironic god
Surveying human striving.
Then one day came my serving maid,
And just in time I caught her,
For on each lusty arm she weighed
A pail of boiling water.
She said with glee: "When this I spill,
Of life they'll soon be lacking."
Said I: "If even one you kill,
You bitch! I'll send you packing."

Just think - ten thousand eager lives
In that toil-worn upcasting,
Their homes, their babies and their wives
Destroyed in one fell blasting!
Imagine that swift-scalding hell! . . .
And though, mayhap, it seems a
Fantastic, far-fetched parallel -
Remember . . . Hiroshima.

--- Robert Service
Not haiku, but not my writing, either. How about at $1,000,000,000,000 movie?

On the other hand...

...Fox only sent the cast to the far reaches of Australia. How about a movie with the most expensive transportation costs ever?
Hah! Top that!

This morning on the Today Show, Patrick Stewart was interviewed. He believes the new X-Men movie may have cost over $200 million, including production and advertising, making it the most expensive movie ever produced to date.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

A to the *bleep*ing K!

I thought I was confused. This guy seriously needs therapy.

And I need some kind of chart to follow who's who. And some pictures of D.


These guys are the best.
Pixar animation - wow!
Finding Nemo soon.

George and Laura's Private Stash

Plastic Orange Globule
Spaceship Sky Blue Kitten Free
John D. Ashcroft
"It's AG Ashcroft!" "And I'd've gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

I like my grassy knoll. It's comfy.

Blood for Oil And the Cheney-Bush Junta
By Gore Vidal
Thunder's Mouth. 197 pp. Paperback, $11.95
We know that Vidal is off in an alternate universe when he opens his book: "One year after 9/11, we still don't know by whom we were struck that Tuesday, or for what true purpose." Come again? Sketching out a scenario that would give even Oliver Stone some pause, Vidal writes, "The unlovely Osama was chosen on aesthetic grounds to be the frightening logo for our long contemplated invasion and conquest of Afghanistan." Further, "He was simply a pretext for replacing the Taliban with a relatively stable government that would allow Union Oil of California to lay its pipeline [across Afghanistan] for the profit of, among others, the Cheney-Bush junta." The evidence for this cabal lies, as many conspiracy theories do, in the airy speculative realm of what didn't happen: "Obviously, somebody had ordered the Air Force to make no move to intercept those hijackings." [More . . . ]

Reason for a time
Was obscured by dust, debris
It came back for us.
Lileks still has my favorite 404 page

Today, Bond Movies! Tomorrow, the World!

Che Guevera, Revolutionary Icon

Madonna, Revlon Icon

Her Revolution
Was televised on eMpTyVee
The white jumpsuits and capes may have just made their appearance

Alien Abductees?
Marvin, Is That You?
A Collection of 'Em!

Does including links
to strange webpages online
count as writing more?


There is no menu
John Paul brokers no dissent
War, abortion, sex
You want flexibility in your religion? Go Unitarian.

Who else must I agree with?

who are my allies?
France, the pope, and now Newt, too.
could things get weirder??
And I didn't even mention anything about the dancing cows!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Stray Voltage

Regarding stray current/stray voltage, the electrical distribution industry has been aware for over thirty years, of the need to maintain a trouble free electrical system in the environment of dairy farms. Dairy cows are known to experience a set of behavioral, health and production effects when exposed to problematic levels of electrical current. Some signs that indicate dairy animals may be exposed to problematic levels of electrical current include: depressed milk production, poor or incomplete milk let down, increased incidence of mastitis or increased somatic cell count, poor conception rates, poor heats, increased milking time, increased defecation and/or urination during milking time, increased nervousness, kicking cows, "dancing" cows, tail switching, reluctancy to be milked or enter the milking facility, lapping at waterers, avoidance of waterers or certain areas of the dairy facility, and animals with inferior health or immune system function [More . . . ]

Nervous dancing cows
The stray voltage was to blame
Weren't those AC bulls?
Oddly, there's no ABA Letter for this practice area

Writing in this blog
Is not something I've done well.
But I'll get better.....

I sure as heck can't get much worse!

What does "Shunka" mean in Lakota

district attorney
wants trees protected as well
not just the hippies
What was that about me at Mass? You have a better chance of sitting next to God at Mass.

"Our Stupid Naive Kids" an Earth Day Special

(From the Washington Post)
Up in the hills, the skinny kids are rolling video-cams and speaking into walkie-talkies and swinging around the trees like squirrel monkeys, and the beefy cops are leading their handcuffed charges away. The woods are filled with war whoops, chain saws buzzing and shrieks ("Agggg, they're torturing me!") and taunts ("What happens when we all have to live in a giant plastic bubble?").

Giant Plastic Orb
Pure air inside - Bad air out
PVC sunset.
The protesters are not alone. In February, Humbolt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos filed civil suit against Palco, charging unfair and fraudulent business practices in obtaining government approval to cut down 100,000 trees on unstable slopes. The DA is seeking injunctive relief and millions in penalties. The company is denying the charges.

The grownups arrive
They have it under control
Will they carryout?
A lanky activist named Four Winds keeps heckling. "Quit your job, Eric! Leave the forest. We'll have the biggest party of your life down on the beach. We'll eat tofu! You'll eat salmon! Kick up your feet and roll up a fatty and ask yourself: Should I quit my job and become a hippie?"

Dope, Salmon, Tofu!
A hippie's feast for me!
But I'm not brain dead.
Shunka (Jason Wilson) is 28, a stout fellow with a reddish beard that grows down his neck; his forest name was given to him by a Lakota Indian medicine man. He wears amulets. He was raised in Missouri, educated in philosophy and environmental studies. Out of college, Shunka worked as a landscaper and at a bagel bakery. His co-workers didn't like him because he kept talking about the "bourgeoisie."

Stalin loved his trees
Many counted the trees for him
He never loved back.
Where are the sheriff's deputies? The protesters are upset they have not come, and they keep calling 911 on cell phones.

When the deputies do arrive, they are heckled, too. One deputy hears the complaints that Phoenix is being assaulted, but when she asks to see their videotape, the activists say they'll get one to her later.

A couple of deputies stand around a pickup and light cigars. Shunka goes over and calls them goons, fascist thugs and neo-Nazis.

Another protester, a college-age woman, says, "Did I ever tell you I had a dream about being a bird?" It feels like the children's crusade. Another activist offers the officers a hug. They decline.

Dreadlock tree huggers
Want to give The Man a hug
He'll take an Oly instead.
"I could while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers, Consultin' with the rain."

Monday, April 21, 2003

Our Thread So Far

Shawn at Easter Mass
SARS in the breeze - a sniffle?
Sneeze! Cthulhu grins.
Evil for Dummies (Arabic version) - half off!

My next book purchase

Hard to read, but it's "Necromancy for Beginners".
As seen on a t-shirt in downtown Manhattan

"Rutanic" Should be an Adjective

Mojave, California, April 18, 2003, Scaled Composites today unveiled the existence of a commercial manned space program. This previously hidden, active research program has been in the works at its facility for two years. This program includes an airborne launcher (the White Knight), a space ship (SpaceShipOne), rocket propulsion, avionics, simulator and ground support elements. . [More . . . ]

Rutanic aircraft
Wing reversed, windows many
Dr. Leary soars.
Crazy? Crazy enough to already have an airplane in the Smithsonian

Bennett's Law

A wise man once said to me, "Madonna will make a bunch of lousy albums and then, just when you're about to write her off, has a really nice song."

Between this and her last "movie" (I hope the "last" back there is prophetic...), she's clearly in the crappy stage of her cycle. Just wait -- she'll soon come out with something that'll make us want to listen to her again.

Don't mind me -- I just have a mild case of SARS

What are the rules?

I thought I could blog
all summer in haiku but
it takes more than rhyme
Next, I'll tackle Madonna's lyrics...

No Need for Weird Al, nothing to spoof here, move along . . .

I always wished that I could find
Someone as beautiful as you
But in the process I forgot
That I was special too
[More . . . ]

Madonna's lyrics
Leave nothing for Yankovic
To parody. Poor Weird Al.
Madonna spoofs the Onion - film at eleven.

Rhyme? We don't need no stinking rhyme!

Blog Five Seven Five
Haiku Blogging is for me
Until it isn't.
This may be tougher than I thought

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Hey, maybe it'll work for me!

Karyn got completely out of debt ($20K!) though some eBay sales, some of her own money, but mostly through the kindness of strangers! Now she has a book deal? Alright, enough's enough! Now it's my turn!
Tree says that if Karyn got a book deal, maybe we could make a musical.