Thursday, July 10, 2003

My therapist actually suggested something like this...

Good news: I'm not alone.
Bad news: I rank higher than some people in their twenties. Except maybe that VoiceOfAGoddess chick.

Every time you, you know, you know whokills a you know what

What kind of test is this??

5. How often do you wash your hands?

  • occasionally

  • whenever they're covered with blood

  • every three minutes and thirteen seconds

  • the whole reason I wear the gloves is so that I don't HAVE to wash my hands

  • I have no hands

Must visit Cthulu Lives's Sanity Test

Disturbing, yet amusing: the best of both worlds.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Hey, Brian: you're site might be timely again!

Next job? Press Secretary for Martha Stewart Omnimedia? Arthur Andersen?
Welcome back, Baghdad Bob. How we missed thee.

They're gone. Just plain gone, kid.

Brian and Michelle: I hope you're happy you took David to see that movie.