Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Let's see: if Australians could only be trained to carry their wives away at the first signs of kangaroo attacks, the world could become a friendlier place. Well, and if Jerry could get a real agent.

Brian, you don't keep posting about Jerry just to try to get Wil Wheaton's notice, do you?

And come on, no more all caps, dude.




The Estonian Winners

The idea of the Wife Carrying Competition is Sonkaj?rvi's very own and, in spite of its humorous aspects, it has deep roots in the local history. In the late 1800's there was in the area a brigand called Rosvo-Ronkainen, who is said to have accepted in this troops only those men who proved their worth on a challenging track. In those days, it was also a common practice to steal women from the neighbouring villages. [More . . . ]

Why hasn't this sport been seen in the Northwoods?
Oh, yeah, right.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

What the hell is a "holidaymaker"?

50% of the regular posters of "The Comfy Chair" would like to welcome back Brian!

Thanks for the only thing to make me laugh today.

Next, let's discuss how much Pat Robertson knows about the health of the Supreme Court

Monday, July 14, 2003

"Killer" roo chopped with axe

A giant kangaroo was killed with an axe after it attacked two couples in a central Queensland town.

NSW holidaymaker John Crouch was forced to use an axe to kill a two-metre high kangaroo which pounced on him outside the annexe of his caravan parked in the yard of his in-laws' house in the town of Monto, 400km north-east of Brisbane.

Mr Crouch killed the kangaroo after it had attacked him before turning on his wife Helen.
[More . . . ]

(l-r) Jerry O'Connell, the dead killer kangaroo, and an unidentified male (presumed career dead)

How many more times will this have to happen before Congress finally passes HR4312, a bill requiring Jerry O'Connell to be within 25 feet of all kangaroos?