Friday, July 25, 2003

Now you be careful among them English . . .

U.S.military morticians and forensic pathologists showed the bodies of both Odai and his brother Qusai to the media, and said that both had more than 20 bullet wounds. [More . . . ]

Odai, Qusai, Oprah, Uma. Oprah, Uma, Odai, Qusai.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

" . . . and it's not like I couldn't. I'm a big guy and I'm good with knots."

Haven't they heard this is a police state?

A man checks the engine on a 1951 Chevrolet truck, converted into a marine vessel with air-filled drums for flotation and a propeller driven off the driveshaft for propulsion, as they attempted to reach the U.S. mainland at Florida, July 16, 2003. [More . . . ]

Then again, maybe they actually have a better idea of what constitutes a police state then the American Media.