Friday, August 08, 2003


"Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!! Selected - Not Elected!!" THUD. "Ooof."
Bring out your dead arguments! Bring out your dead arguments!

Puh-lease - Bush, top advisers work on military's transformation - Aug. 8, 2003: "National security adviser Condoleezza Rice on Thursday likened Iraq's halting steps toward self-government to black Americans' struggle for civil rights. Rice, who has been staying at the Bush ranch with the president and first lady much of the week, urged black journalists at a meeting in Dallas to reject arguments that some people are incapable of democracy.

'We've heard that argument before, and we, more than any, as a people, should be ready to reject it,' Rice, who is black, told about 1,200 people at the National Association of Black Journalists convention. 'The view was wrong in 1963 in Birmingham, and it is wrong in 2003 in Baghdad and in the rest of the Middle East.'"

Why should we trust the Iraqis with their own government when we obviously can't be trusted with our own?

Thursday, August 07, 2003

After rap I am most happy

ILL MITCH -----|-|-|-|-|-|----

Hey, check out that "Monkey Interlude"!

The entire world's future can be found contained within the runtime of "Clerks".

Nice Quotes

The Bush "propaganda machine": "a systematic effort to manipulate facts in service to a totalistic ideology that's felt to be more important than the mandates of basic honesty."

What about current life in America?: "I believe we must stand for a future in which the United States will again be feared only by our enemies; in which our country will again lead the effort to create an international order based on the rule of law; a nation which upholds fundamental rights even for those it believes to be captured enemies; a nation whose financial house is in order ... a republic once again comfortable that its chief executive knows the limits as well as the powers of the presidency."

And yet he runs not. Feared this, I did. Hope there is another, we must.

Aw, heck, who are we kidding: I voted Green in 2000 because Gore refused to talk like this back then.

Post Clinton/Gore?

You know, I never had this problem in the 90s. Say what you want about Clinton -- and there is a lot to say about the illegal fundraising, the use of military action to try and distract the public from his indiscretions, lying under oath, grandstanding about life from Mars, failure to act decisively with the military force that was constantly being undercut by an unsympathetic Congress -- but I was employed during the entirety of his glorious era.

I keep checking in on him to see if he needs a programmer for his presidential archives or whatever the hell he's doing in Harlem. But, alas, nothing so far.

And Bush? Bush 41 sent my Dad to war, scaring my 17 year old ass as I was filing my Selective Service card. Bush 43 is giving me $400 for having a kid! Woo freaking hoo!!

Bread and circuses, folks. That's all it is.

Save A Hacker

For just pennies a day, you too can help a homeless hacker. These young programmers have been hit particularly hard by the post-Clinton/Gore economy and desperately need your help. Lacking the basic social skills necessary for a life of petty crime, prostitution or white slave trading, many are turning to the government and big industry for jobs and security - but only when all other outlets have been exhausted.

But you can help - with your donation of just $1 a day, these young people will be able to go to Starbucks and order a double cap espresso latte whipped with their heads held high, and will no longer be forced to rely on low quality "fuzzy" Wi-Fi connections. Do your part - send all your money to us and we'll make sure it goes to the people, the programmers, who so desperately need it.

"Ach, Willie was just sittin' here in me Unabomber style shack all by meself!"

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Application for Blogging Position

To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider me for the position of co-blogger listed on your blog, The Comfy Chair. In addition to nearly continuous computer use over the past 16 years, I also have a strong tendency to say/write whatever I feel, without any proclivity (or even attention to) accuracy, appropriateness, or feelings of others.

Although I am currently unemployed, I was recently babysitting my sister's three children at the rate of $1/child/hour (approximately). This work should indicate my apparent disdain for money, propensity for inviting self-abuse, and dealing with the common mentality of most bloggers.

I have not attached my resume, as the nearly 300 jobs I have applied for i the past 9 months never found it useful. I appreciate your timely response.

Shawn Laasch

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I would have at least hoped for a more generous obituary, ala "Cocktail".

Oh, and by the way: the toddler picture does not display (I think we're dealing with a 403/Forbidden here).