Saturday, August 30, 2003

Why are we even bothering with this?

Accused September 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui has won another court ruling to obtain access to a top al Qaeda captive, but the government is certain to appeal.

Can't we just execute him already? I mean, honestly, what's to prevent us? This public trial thing is just dragging out, with him making and winning motions that are simply out of the question. Of course, the government's case is complete and total. Why won't the court just accept the case as a ruling of fact and enter a guilty conviction so we can set a date for execution.

He's not even an American, is he? Not with a name like that, I imagine.
I know I'm as subtle as a bowling ball, but I get tired of the Justice Department's contempt of court(s)

Get better, Brian

In hopes that it will make you feel better, will post these personal facts:

  • After spending nearly 80 hours in person and three weeks after the most recent work we did, we finally received FoodStamps (but won't need them for long; see below).

  • I received my first check for a web gig (the site is still forthcoming)

  • I have about 3 more gigs in the line-up

  • I turned 30 on the 28th

  • I am now part of the military-industrial complex by being employed by Modasco (if that whole security clearance thing works out)

  • My position is a direct result of nepotism (via my brother-in-law).

  • If there was a mayoral vote in New York City right this minute, I would cast my ballot for the current Republican administration

If that isn't enough to make you smile, well, maybe you should stare at the sun.

Or rather, The Sun and their Page 3. That's always enough to make my day.

Hope you feel better soon.

Next Year

I keep saying to myself, I need to go to Spain.

There's the beer, tapas, women of loose morals, and the running of the bulls. And then there's the Tomato-flinging thing.

But I missed it. Again. Damn.

I probably couldn't have made it anyway, since I have to start work on Tuesday.

The Comparison Was Inevitable

"Don't try to change me, baby."

PS - one hour later - In my epiphedrine addled brain, I hadn't realized that Shawn had already made the comparison. Stupid Flanders. Uhmm, I mean, stupid cold.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Proof that comic books lead directly to a life of crime

An 18-year-old suspected of creating a version of the "Blaster" computer infection is in custody in Minnesota, U.S. government sources said Friday.

I guess running "The Android's Dungeon" just wasn't enough for him...

We keep a copy of this map in the deer camp

You can't even travel from one blue area to the next without tripping over my kind!

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Official: North Korea Vows to Test Nukes on Seoul

WASHINGTON - Rejecting U.S. disarmament demands, North Korea said Thursday it will prove to the world that it possesses nuclear weapons by carrying out a nuclear test on Seoul, South Korea, a U.S. government official said.

At a six-nation meeting in China that included the United States, North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Yong Il also said, according to the U.S. official, that his country has the means to deliver nuclear weapons to South Korea, an apparent reference to its highly developed missile program.
[More . . . ]

Where is Alan Alda when we really need him???

San Francisco Bucks 50 Year Trend, Backs Liberal Candidates in Recall Election

Uhh, Shawn, I think Arnie wrote off most of Northern California years ago when he started co starring with automatic weapons in his movies.

Unfortunately for Cruz Bustamove, his most vocal supporters can't vote outside of Chicago or West Palm Beach

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well you can just kiss San Francisco goodbye!

Fake Quote Caption: "So, if you cupped my testicles in your right hand, like so, my penis would extend at least out to where my left hand is. Seriously."

"The Republican said he is in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes and protecting a woman's right to abortion, but against gay marriage and granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants."

It's like he gains half of San Fran and LA, but then loses the other half. I mean, who does want to get high and have an abortion? But if doing so comes at the price of not being able to marry your same sex illegal alien lover who you have to chauffeur everywhere, then it's just not worth it!

He wouldn't stand a chance in Madison.

Why I ALWAYS show up late to work

The man who was bound by Tapia was the only person in the building who escaped. Another man was late for work and came to the scene while the crime was in progress, Cline said. He escaped without injury.

I'm going to print that and the link on a business card that I can hand out when I'm "late".


You know, Bria work's my side of the street, so I try to return the favor. I scour CNN. I fall far short of being able to say anything good.

I'm glad church and state are separated. Again.
I hope the woman in Nigeria doesn't get stoned for committing adultery under Islamic law. If she gets off, I hope it's because of the Islamic law's contention that a child can remain in gestation for up to five years.
I hope that Sen. Clinton does manage to make something happen from looking into who pressured the EPA to lie about the air quality in Manhattan post 9/11.
I'm pissed that the current administration has revised air pollution rules.

Moore seems to be mentally unbalanced, obsessively fixated. He knew he was doing something wrong, which is why he did it under the cover of darkness. I don't follow the tenets of his faith, but my understanding is that knowingly doing something wrong is frowned upon.

Ten Commandments in church: fine.
Ten Commandments in home: fine.
Ten Commandments in government building: very definitely not fine.

I tried. I really tried. Maybe I can find a "right-wing" issue to defend next week.

Judge Creates Stone Too Heavy for God to Prevent from Being Moved

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - A 2 1/2-ton granite monument of the Ten Commandments that became a lightning rod in a legal storm over church and state was wheeled from the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court building Wednesday as protesters knelt, prayed and chanted, "Put it back!"

Workers defying the will of the Almighty. A smiting was not caught on film.

Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who installed the engraved set of tablets two years ago and risked his career to keep it there after a federal judge ordered it removed, said he would take his fight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"It is a sad day in our country when the moral foundation of our laws and the acknowledgment of God has to be hidden from public view to appease a federal judge," he said.
[More . . . ]

The Almighty was apparently not available for comment. Rumors around heaven suggest that he has gone back to clockmaking.

Okay, I know I'm working Shawn's side of the street, but every now and then I have to acknowledge the wackiness of the religious right

Short Attention Span Theatre Presents: Howard Dean!

Bringing democracy to Iraq is not a two-year proposition. Having elections alone doesn't guarantee democracy. You've got to have institutions and the rule of law, and in a country that hasn't had that in 3,000 years, it's unlikely to suddenly develop by having elections and getting the heck out. [More . . . ]

Okay kids, let's see who remembers this quote in about a year - if Wesley Clark hasn't knocked Dean down to the level of Sharpton and Kuc, Kucina, Kuc - however th hell you spell that Ohio Commie's name.

It'll be as remembered as Nixon's "Peace with honor" in 1972