Thursday, September 25, 2003

Not that I have anything against love.

Ah, love. Stupid, stupid love.
I also don't have anything against stupidity for the most part.

Music to my ears - Makers of Kazaa suing record labels - Sep. 24, 2003: "The Recording Industry Association of America called Sharman's 'newfound admiration for the importance of copyright law' ironic and 'self-serving.'"

As opposed to their defense of struggling artists trying to be fairly paid for their work? How ironic that the RIAA continues to insist it has the moral high ground and can point out irony in others' actions.

How is the RIAA's defense of copyright laws any less self-serving than Sharman's?

Ach te liebe! - Man charged in U.S. for child sex crimes abroad - Sep. 24, 2003: "[F]irst use of a provision of the 'Protect Act' signed into law by President Bush just five months ago.

The legislation [...] makes it a federal crime to engage in illegal sexual conduct in foreign countries."

But how can you always tell? Some young people seem like they should already be legal. Furthermore, where you are is very important!

Not that I'm carding and checking potential "dates".

From Patricia (of all people)

I got this in my email from Patricia:

What is this, a turkish prison?
"The accusations ... include wrongfully taking photographs of the camp sites, transferring classified information to an unclassified computer and unlawfully delivering baklava to detainees."

What's sentencing guideline for unlawful delivery of baklava? $10,000 fine and 10 years imprisonment?

She made a funny.

We're on the same page

Wow. We are in concurrence on the SMU debacle. Make no mistake: I know that Politically Correct actions caused nearly as much censorship as the other Nazis trying to control our minds, the Religious Right.

Tom Sawyer was banned in some schools for use of the N-word (and not Network, Brian). Ridiculous.

I think the "hostile environment" they are citing is in line with harrassment law (whadya think?), but suppose it had been, as I've seen recently, an Equality bake sale: same prices, but to underscore the disparity in how much white males are paid as oposed to their minority counterparts? I think it's amusing to pay $1 for lemonade when my wife only pays $0.70. White males would have been made fun of and not really cared, certainly not to the point of becoming hostile.

Maybe it's that white males, with the myriad benefits available to Caucasians with penises, are a generally easy-going lot. With certain exceptions.

Has your proximity to Canada really caused you to spell it "theatre" or is that how you've always done it?

Holy Chilling Speech, Batman!

"This was not an issue about free speech," Tim Moore, director of the SMU student center, said in a story for Thursday's edition of The Dallas Morning News. "It was really an issue where we had a hostile environment being created."

Okay, in the annals of free speech, the SMU bake sale is probably not going to go down with the March on Washington, Lenny Bruce or Kathleen McKinnon. It seems pretty puerile, but with just enough of a point to make folks uncomfortable.

But pay attention to what Mr. Moore says above. He isn't saying that somebody shouted "Fire!" in the crowded theatre. He's saying that somebody had a dictionary with the word "fire" circled in that crowded theatre.

John Ashcroft has yet to say anything as chilling as this. Go Google and see what you come up with.

On a related note. Some capitalist students found themselves in Cancun for the big economic thingy held there last week. These kids set up a soda pop booth. They sold Cokes and Mountain Dews to the protesters for two prices: The fair trade price made possible by big multinational corporations who have extensive shipping and marketing facilities all over the world: $.50 and the local price, made possible by extensive overhead and poor shipping: $1.00.

You already know how much the protesters paid for their sodas.

You can go either way on the capitalisation. I think that a capital H is easier to make with spray cans.

Platform, platform: who's got the platform?

Looks like the GOP just have their's broken out a little better; 'sgood for analysis. To wit:

There you have it: fair AND balanced. Your turn!

Sure, the economy is transitioning, but not in a great way. I think all of the other articles are 100% accurate as to the current situation.

Supreme Math - SMU shuts down race-based bake sale - Sep. 25, 2003: "The group sold three cookies during its protest, raising $1.50."

OK, let's do the math:
That means that either (three Hispanic people) or (a white woman, a Hispanic person, and black person) or (a white man and two black people) bought some tasty Rice Krispie (R)(TM) Treats! (Kellog's couldn't pay for advertising like this.)

By the way, this is an intrisic part of the GOP platform, no?

Why do Hispanic people get capitol Hs?

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Platform Shoes

The platform for the Democratic party (USA) can be found here:

Read it and think "Retired Army General" How in the world does a retired general think he's going to gather support from the gang of atheists, lesbians and terrorists who presently run that operation. Admittedly, Will Rogers once said that he didn't belong to any organized political party, he was a Democrat.

I will be anxious to watch Michael Moore, Barbara, Martin Sheen, and the rest of the Hollywood Left line up behind this guy.

Or do I sense a Green disturbance in the force?

Equal time moment -- the much shorter and easier to digest RNC platform can be found here:

Monday, September 22, 2003


After almost twenty years of turning to Doonesbury, I have removed him from my comics page. The last few weeks of pretentious cowardly back biting of our efforts to bring Democracy to a struggling ex-dictatorship are enough. He celebrates the deaths of Americans and glorifies the darkest form of fascism ever seen in history.

Garry Trudeau is not pro-peace. He's just on the other side.

Vive l' Boondocks! Vive l' Day By Day!

Your homage to A.C. Clarke hits the spot - you can never go wrong by quoting the eminent ACC

We call on the resting soul/Of Galileo/King of Night Vision/King of Insight

Goodbye, Galileo
Though I hardly knew you at all
You had to the strength to throw yourself
Through interplanetary sprawl

Worked through NASA's woodwork
Like no else ever had
It didn't look like
You would ever reach the launch pad

And it seems to me
That you sailed around
Upon the solar winds
Transmitting pics back to Earth
As soon as data came in

I wish you could've gone on
But you could've had microbes
We didn't want life on Europa
So we crashed you into Jove

Let's see you make a more elegant tribute to an interplanetary traveler