Sunday, October 05, 2003

Thank You, But That Was Siegfried's Idea

By Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn
Did you enjoy the white tigers? Most people love the white lions and the white tigers. Siegfried and I often fight over which of us should get the spotlight, but in the end, the star of the show is always the cats. Everyone assumes that they work for us, but it's more the other way around! Luckily, I've always had a great rapport with those beautiful creatures. My home is filled with jungle cats of all kinds. It's truly a wonderful way to live. So, if you loved the cats, then that's thanks enough for me.

Well, I suppose that we have been "doing the tiger thing" for some time, yes.
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That was from last Wednesday's (10/1) Onion

Klingon Son! You Killed My Bastard!

Kirk has never forgiven Picard for burying him under those rocks. Picard hates Kirk because he gets more green skinned women. [More . . . ]

This makes the argument officially over. There can be no reasoned debate on the subject matter after this

After this, Roy.

The Islamic Jihad group said it organized the bombing, identifying the assailant as Hanadi Jaradat, a 27-year-old law school graduate from the West Bank town of Jenin. Her brother and a cousin, an Islamic Jihad member, were killed in an Israeli military raid in June. [More . . . ]

We can't eve pretend to understand this stuff.