Friday, October 24, 2003

Dr. Zoidberg, I presume?

Texas firm invents orgasm machine for women

A Texas company claims to have invented an electrical stimulation device that takes women to a pre-orgasmic state.

Stimulation Systems' says its Slightest Touch invention electrically stimulates sexual nerve pathways in a woman's pelvis, reports Wired News.

The £120 battery-powered device is designed to be used 10 to 20 minutes before sex and bring the wearer to a state of sexual readiness where the "slightest touch" can trigger an orgasm.

About the size of a Walkman, the Slightest Touch works via a pair of electrical pads attached to the ankles.
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Oooh, the ankles. Of Course . . .

Adult Swim Rocks!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Love, Liza

It's too bad their TV show was cancelled before it even started and that their marriage (which I happened to walk by — that's the cool part about living in NYC) was dashed not much later (I thought the marriage fizzled because the TV deal soured).

But now, this?

Producer David Gest sued Liza Minnelli for $10 million Tuesday, accusing his estranged wife of alcohol-fueled violence that caused neurological damage and headaches. Geez, they look like elves!

Which of our beloved TV couples will split up next? Sharon and Ozzy? Ricky and Lucy? Ozzy and Harriett? Will and Grace?