Friday, January 02, 2004

We have got to do something about this:

An American Woman who travels to Israel.

An American Woman who travels to Coney Island

We desperately have to get more women like th above mentioned Coney Island traveler to wear their American Flagged Themed clothing overseas. It'll piss off the Arab Street, but I'm really more interested in pandering to the Brazillian Street and the Jamaican Street these days.
Hey, Newt! Which one counts as flag desecration?

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I think it, Lileks writes it.

Here, this is what I wanted to say:
[W]e live in an era of non-contiguous information streams. I believe one thing; someone else believes another - and the bedrock assumptions are utterly contradictory. This is what drives me nuts about discussing current events with some people. It’s like discussing the Apollo program with people who think it was all faked, or discussing archeology with those who believe the world is six thousand years old. I think the Iraq Campaign was part of a broad war against Islamicist fascism and the states that enable it; others think it’s all about oil and Halliburton jerking the strings of a Jeebus puppet. No. Middle. Ground.

This Iraqi WMD debate is a perfect example. What had been a consensus has fractured into two irreconcilable camps, one being “he had them” and the other being “Bush LIED!” I go back a long way on this issue. I remember. I was in DC during the first Gulf War. Everyone thought Iraq had bugs and gas. Later we all read the accounts of the Kurdish atrocities. Paul Wellstone signed on to the 1998 attack on Iraq for reasons that could have come from the lips of Bush himself.
[More . . .]

I'm still not buying this thing about supplying the former Iraqi regime with chemicals dirties our hands anymore then the OKC bombing tars the good name of Ryder. Although they repainted the trucks after that.

The base materials for chemical weapons are the same things found in pesticides - did we sell them to Iraq? Probably. Probably also sold them to Norway, Mexico, Singapore and a whole mess of countries that didn't convert them into chemical weapons. Prior to 1990, Anthrax Bacilli were available by mail. How's that for a terrorists wet dream? Alas, those days are past.

We deal with bad people everyday. We purchase groceries from store clerks who will invest their paychecks in child pornography and we buy gasoline from companies that will invest their earnings in exploration and exploitation of people and the environment. I'm not sure where you want to draw the moral line in the sand here, dude.
"When I get to fiddlin' I just takes me my Ritalin!"

Attempted Laundry?

[Former University of South Carolina president James Holderman] was convicted in September of conspiracy to launder money, attempted laundry of money, conspiracy to sell false immigration documents and offering to sell false immigration documents. The maximum sentence he faced was seven years, three months. [More...]
Fortunately, Mr. Holderman is a white non-Muslim. Otherwise, he would be shipped to Gitmo for his obvious terror connections.

Why was Tom Ridge trying to "tune in Tokyo"?

Oh, the other rude comments I could make about that picture, but only because I have the emotional maturity of an 11 year old boy.

I think you're lying right now. But you can't help it — you're a lawyer!

What the hell is the Left trying to assert by pointing out the ties of the old U.S. Regime to the old Iraqi Regime?
Are we complicit in the deaths of thousands because we supplied chemical weapons stocks to a "tyrant"? Yup. How can we sit here, high and mighty, knowing that we are willing to stoop to whatever means are necessary to fulfill our short-term goals??

To answer your indictments:
  • FDR also tried his hand at gulags. I like the fact that he won the war, but I'm not a big FDR fan (hell of a good memorial, though). I like the fact that he took over an economy that was in the toilet and, with one solid war, turned the U.S. into a superpower, just like...oh, wait, no, the guy I was thinking about took a good economy and put it in the toilet, just like his dad.

  • I'm getting really tired of people asserting that the Civil War was a single-issue war. Lincoln didn't free slaves in the border states because he wanted to keep them in the Union. If the South hadn't seceeded, slavery's future was uncertain. I'm certainly glad it's gone, as it was in England at the time.

    However, I do believe that blacks have secretly infiltrated Princess Anne's kennel club in order to train her dogs to wreck havoc, thus destroying the British monarchy in retribution for their support of the South.

  • Krusty does want Bart killed. If he'd had the guts, he would've taken the kid out at Kamp Krusty

  • I really have no answer for the Clinton-N. Korea-Schwarzeneggar thing. Except to say that I want whatever drugs you've been taking.
Our government installing and maintaining the Shah (despite the democractically elected government's protests) might have directly led to the violent overthrow of the Shah by the Islamic radicals, throwing Iran back into the stone age. It might also explain their rage with the United States and why they decided to take hostages.

When we pick and choose, it can ultimately lead to a much greater horror.

Let's stop sending Kurtz up the river, only to end up having to send Martin Sheen after him.

I'd like to take a moment to commemorate our blog's first "Apocalypse Now" reference. You can expect to see many more over the upcoming posts.

Take that, Condoleeza Rice!

Sen. Clinton, was named by 16 percent [as being the most admired woman in the United States], while talk show host Oprah Winfrey was picked by 7 percent, first lady Laura Bush by 6 percent and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice by 4 percent.

The poll asked an "open-ended question," meaning respondents were allowed to offer any names that came to mind. For both the most-admired man and most-admired woman, the remainder of votes were spread among a wide variety of individuals.

So there you have it! Clinton 45 beats out Rice 46.

Man, I hope it doesn't quite work out like that, though... Back to back female POTUSs (POTi?). Yikes.

Things to note: 1) Shawn clearly avoids mentioning the most admired man, 2) Shawn has returned to CNN as an "authoritative" "source" following his ridicule from use of Google News, and 3) Shawn is referring to himself in the third person.

Speaking of authoritative cites

McGwire: Young Bart here is right. We are spying on you, pretty
much around the clock.
Bart: But why, Mr. McGwire?
McGwire: Do you want to know the terrifying truth, or do you want to
see me sock a few dingers?
Crowd: Dingers! Dingers!

My favorite part of this episode I've never seen though, is that Bart apparently exposes problems with today's military. Interesting...
Hey, I pointed out that they were crappy cites! Don't I get points for being honest about my laziness??

Monday, December 29, 2003

"And then Morpheus offered me one of two pills - one was red and the other was blue

Ad Absurdio

"You know I couldn't help but notice that Brian used to see women who were a) shorter then him, b) younger than him, c) and had small feet. Since he married a women who has none of these qualities, we can only surmise that 1) he was lying when he dated those women or, in the alternative 2) he is lying right now."

What the hell is the Left trying to assert by pointing out the ties of the old U.S. Regime to the old Iraqi Regime? Let's expand on this argument:
  • FDR, the nominal head Democratic Party from 1932 to 1945, sent weapons to Stalin, who ran gulags where millions died during that period. The Democrats were supporting the gulags!
  • Her majesty's government sent weapons to ports in the American South during the unpleasantries of 1861-1865. Certainly we can surmise that old Vicky supported Jeff Davis' intentions to keep blacks in bondage.
  • Krusty the Klown now sees the error of his ways and welcomes Sideshow Bob back with open arms even when Bob is trying to kill Bart Simspon. The only obvious answer is that Krusty is in support of killing Bart.
  • Bill Clinton speaheaded a program to send material for a nuclear power plant to the heretofor energy starved nation of North Korea. North Korea uses this technology to develop nuclear weapons to threaten the West Coast. Arnold Schwarzeneggar is elected governor of Clifornia, an energy starved state - See! See! You can't silence us! Roswell! Roswell!!

Yes, our government used to pal around with Saddam's government. And the Shah's and Peron's and Mulroney's and Thatcher's and Amin's and Mandela's. In fact, of the 190 countries presently on the face of the Earth, I'd have to say that the U.S. has treated with all of them in one form or another.

And that the angels outnumber the devils by far wider a margin then the Left is comfortable with.
Both of your authoritative cites are to editorial pieces - bad blogger, bad!

"Who wants to know about the satellite and who wants me to hit some dingers?"