Thursday, February 05, 2004


Isn't the pic of Madame Secretary and the Illustrious Great Leader from the days when we were engaged in dialog to end their WMD program (without trying to invade)?

Wasn't the pic of Rummy with the Great Satan from the days when we were arming them to go kill Iranians and Kurds?

Yeah, great comparison, Lileks. If you can't discern one motive from the other, then I guess that you really should just stay at home and play with the Gnat, contemplate your navel, and post all day.

As for Brian, well, I guess I would have thought better. I guess Lileks is your Tom Tomorrow. Hmm. How to get a Google bomb going that Lileks goes to Tom Tomorrow? It's a start....

Yeah, I want the current candidates to get angry about 9/11. Maybe in August. You know, when the President takes a month off, just like he gave the troops (no, wait. They didn't get a month off; they were stuck there for over a year. But then, they are the little people). When Bush is hanging out in Crawford, I hope people start asking about 8/11. You know, the month before the attacks, when the administration shelved the Clinton administration warnings about Osama bin Laden, attacks, etc. I know the 9/11 commission should have it's lobotomized report available some time before then. I tend to think we'll all be pretty pissed off about 9/11 then, especially the Bush administration's disgusting neglect of our safety.


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