Monday, February 02, 2004

How to Steal an Election

"How can anyone believe that multi-billion dollar capitalist institutions like the New York Times or the Washington Post do anything other than legitimate capitalism. Of course, they are great at focusing on stories that divert attention from class struggle. The New York Times reports:
    Concerned citizens have been warning that new electronic voting technology being rolled out nationwide can be used to steal elections. Now there is proof. When the State of Maryland hired a computer security firm to test its new machines, these paid hackers had little trouble casting multiple votes and taking over the machines' vote-recording mechanisms. The Maryland study shows convincingly that more security is needed for electronic voting, starting with voter-verified paper trails.
As if elections make a difference! When all of the candidates reflect the interests of the ruling capitalist class, who cares which thief steals the election? Elections in the Capitalist World are stolen long before the polls open!"
Class! Class! Class!


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