Friday, February 20, 2004

Our heroic EPA

NASA has been forced to accede to EPA demands that work proceed with disposal of LUT 1 [Launch Umbilical Tower 1], which has been classified as "hazardous waste" due to its eroding paint surface.

On February 12th, the disposal work has re-started. Nevertheless, the cutting of the main structure will not begin for about two more weeks, probably in the week starting March 1st, giving us that much time to find a donor or business investor committed to preserving this historic artifact from the most incredible achievement ever undertaken by mankind.

I can hardly wait for the day that my son and I can go to the Cape and I can tell him that it was the only way to go - that having those trace elements of poisons hanging around was just too risky for children and other living things.
It almost brings a tear to your eye, the bravery shown by those guys at EPA - they will be remembered like Armstrong, Collins and that other guy.


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