Monday, March 01, 2004

Five Seconds over H'wood

From WaPo's Tom Shales:
The much-discussed "five-second delay" applied to the live telecast to avoid any obscenities or near-obscenities from going out over the network seemed to kick in only once, during lighthearted remarks by actor Owen Wilson to co-presenter Ben Stiller.

Lighthearted? We're now censoring lightheartedness? My God, are there no limits to what this country will do to suppress freedom of speech?
That someone was sitting with a finger poised on a sanitizing switch suggests in itself that we are to have a new wave of heavy-duty censorship in America and all caused by the exposure of one breast -- Janet Jackson's on the halftime show of this year's Super Bowl. That single unveiling seems to be fostering a climate of suppression and fear the likes of which no hard-core porno film was ever able to engender.

Tom artfully alludes to the forgotten halftime showing of Anal Felch Queens XXIV during the 1996 halftime show, to no fanfare whatsoever. We can only hope that the Mel Gibson Produced 2005 Superbowl half-time show will have Michael Moore being nailed to the cross. Speaking of whom . . .
He was applauded -- not jeered or shouted down as was the case last year with fellow documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who displeased much of the crowd with a tirade against Bush and his pursuit of the war. If things like five-second delays are going to be used to edit politically incorrect or unpopular remarks out of live telecasts, we are in even more trouble than it seems, but that didn't happen last night.

Oh. My. God. They've seized the radio stations along the frontier. Shock troops are fanning out across the plains. It's only a matter of time before dive bombers begin to distribute the latest Schwarzeneggar flick. "We tried to run, but they were too fast - I looked back but all I could see were remaindered copies of The Sixth Day and Collateral Damage all over the place!"

Oh, you mean it didn't happen last night. Damn. So much for that syllogism.
Technical problems, perhaps complicated by the five-second delay, plagued the program.

That's right Tom. It was just the five second delay. Keep telling them that. You and I know it was really Ashcroft's boys working over Billy Crystal backstage.

The circle is now complete . . . somebody toss another copy of Annie Hall on the fire . . . .

Bwahahahahah! Bwahahahahah! Bwahahahahah!
I'm really surprised that a Fantasy/SciFi pic took all those awards. I imagine that Tom Shales is also surprised.


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