Friday, March 12, 2004

Just quit already.

The Howard Stern saga continues. Although Infinity is saying they will stand by their man, Stern is threatening to quit anyway if President Bush signs new indecency legislation into law. [ . . . ] [Stern said] that if Bush signs the bill, he will resign as soon as it becomes a law. In fact, he went as far as to say that he's so tired of getting censored every morning that he may resign anyway, even if the bill isn't signed by Bush. Stern lamented that he just wants to do comedy his way, and radio has become too much of a battle. [More . . . ]

This is all getting just a bit melodramatic. If the guy wants to quit his $15,000,000 a year gig and do stand up, that's his concern. Wrapping it up in some faux 1st Amendment argument just to win friends on the Left is infantile. Then again, this guy makes a living on doo doo jokes.

His finger was on the bleep button. If not his then one of his employees acting under his direction. We can only presume that the failure to act or to take remedial measures is because he believes that this is what should be on broadcast radio.

The only question remaining is how much XM radio is paying him for throwing this hissy fit.
Fair question - what if a caller to Limbaugh or Liddy said the same thing and wasn't bleeped?


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