Thursday, March 11, 2004

Pre-emptive Schadenfreude

As for who got capped, I have a list of nominees in Madison. Sorry; I love the place, but there are people there I don't miss and feel the world would be safer without.

Not that they have weapons of mass destruction, or anything. When you have a madman with weapons of mass destruction, you have to go in and whack him, whether it's in front of kids or not.
You're insinuating that Mr. Stern has presence of mind and control. He didn't make the offensive statement and could have been preoccupied by something else (maybe the guy he was interviewing was showing him pictures of anal sex with Paris). There is an aspect of it, and other things I've heard on the show when I've come across it, that seems to me to indicate that it wasn't the last straw, but rather just the easiest thing to sieze upon at a time of increased scrutiny.


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