Wednesday, March 03, 2004


You haven't read LOTR? I'm stuck in Return of the King. I love the part where Aragorn wanders through the swamp yelling, "Bring out your dead!"

Perhaps I'm mixing a few things.

Ah, Linux. PenguinHeads always talk about how much Windoze crashes and how you have to put all kinds of software on it to keep it running. yet, I've heard of an ungodly number of patches that you have to apply to Linux to keep it running and it still doesn't seem to have half of the use or support that the evil Gates technopoly has to put up with (more weird systems leads to more crashes, natch). In my opinion, an OS should be distributable on a single media instance (disk, CD, DVD) and take up less than 10% of the prevailing storage space (40G these days?). And it should be powerful enough that I can use it for everything I want to do but simple enough that I can walk my dad through how to erase his browser history (a common request).

That's my manifesto.

Would your fantasy manifesto be something along the lines of "Have a single, definable story in each volume, have fewer than 200 named characters, and all names must be distinguishable from one another"? For a while, I was mixing up the Liv Tyler's elf chick with the Rohan chick.
Great. The word "manifesto" appears twice in this blog entry. I expect the FBI to call any minute.


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