Friday, May 21, 2004


A long time ago people used Blogs to relay exciting tidbits about their otherwise dull and uninteresting life. Let’s try that here today:

Last night I was riding my bike which if I haven’t bored you with it yet -- is a recumbent or ‘bent for short. So I’m riding my bike on a deserted country road at dusk. I had my lights turned on so that I don’t get run over by one of my neighbors coming home late from work. This car drives by me goes up ahead about 50 feet and turns around. As I approach him he rolls down his window and says:

“Wow I that blinking light is really great. I saw it from way behind you and I just had to drive up and see what the light was all about”

What I expected him to say was “Hey where did you get that really neat bike?” That’s what everyone else who stops me says. But no this guy is interested in my blinking red reflector.

I’ve got a $1000 dollars tied up in my new bike and he comments on the $20.00 blinking light that I purchased in 1995.

Now that I’ve blogged this I still have the feeling that I’m living an uninteresting life


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