Sunday, May 16, 2004

Can't we just build a wall around all of them?

Or lock Sharon and Arafat in a room with a rusty fork, whoever walks out in the end gets to keep this desert they're fighting over.

I think I know why the world hates us so much. It's not because we're so decadent (Page 3 Girls in the UK, Italian politicians, Japanese comic books, et al are worse), and it's not because we're so rich (Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Dubai leap to mind as richer than we); it's because we unfailingly, unflinchingly, and unthinkingly take Israel's side.

What? Does Israel have naked pictures of the US or something?

I'd love to see the media that Israel produces to claim their side. Oh wait, I do every day! I remember switching over to the BBC late on 9/11 (maybe it was 9/12) and hearing that the IDF had taken the opportunity to bulldoze and attack Palestinians pell-mell while the world's attention was diverted to the large holes in lower Manhattan. Even Iran and Iraq weren't craven enough to exploit tragedy in such a fashion. If that is what the term "Western Democracy" actually means (which the Bush Administration seems hell-bent on proving), then, yeah, I guess Israel is a Western Democracy. Otherwise, I would have to go with the oligarchy. Anyone reading this that knows of better terms should chime in.
Now I'm gonna have those songs stuck in my head all day. And what about that music video with the chick in cammies? That at least had to be a Crime Against Fashion.


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