Thursday, May 13, 2004


This face will be bukkaked before the month is out.

Actually, one of the more unequitable facts of military life is that ever since My Lai, American Servicemen have sworn to "obey all lawful orders"

The onus, boys and girls, is on them. What a shitty deal. But thankfully, most of these calls are easy to make. Should we 1) sexually harass and molest the Iraqi prisoners or should we b) feed them three hots a day and ignore the moron with the digital camera?

In order to keep up the appearance of supporting the troops while being against the war, most folks on the left treat servicemen as victims of either economic circumstances that landed them in uniform or as unwitting pawns of their sadistic leaders who think up stuff like what happened at Abu Ghraib during their morning constitutional.

Reality, of course, lies somewhere in the middle. Try this scenario on for size instead. A Reserve Unit from Virginia, made up almost entirely of "corrections" officers, are given a shitty assignment without a clear chain of command. With nobody to answer to, they go apeshit and do all the stuff that guys like me won't let them do here in the states. When they are busted, they blame this hazy chain of command and the press eats it up becuase that scenario fits their particular filter.
In a world peopled with Liddy, Haig, Arnheiter and Calley, you have to depend on a fictional character?


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