Monday, May 03, 2004

The Red-Blue Show

It's funny that you're finding these stories of America becoming more polar for two reasons: 1) I've been hearing how the polarization is more along the lines of fringe vs. centrism and how the ideological gap between the two groups grows more, and 2) our current President is a "uniter", not a divider, a man who brings a great humility to office, a humility born of his deep and abiding faith in a Higher Power (cocaine?).

Can our nation be healed? Can we depolarize the country? Should we?

The last time I can think of when everyone was of one heart in this country, skyscapers were falling. Well, Falwell said it was the gays, so he really wasn't in on the groovy feelings. And I got kind of ticked off when the Senate began singing "God Bless America" (why Irving Berlin? note that Woody Guthrie also hated this song).

So, the lesson here is clear: America can only be united in a godless terror.
Having you agree with me about the Saudis and much of the prison torture debacle makes it hard to argue. Oh, wait, I have an idea about what to argue about. Next post...


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