Thursday, May 13, 2004

Where's Aaron Sorkin when you need him?

What? Who do you want beheaded, Terry? England? I hope no one is thinking less of her for having multiple sexual partners — I think that we have to keep focused on two things: 1) military personnel are still not taught that they have to be responsible for their own actions, regardless of what they are ordered to do (who's their CO? Col. Nathan R. Jessup?) and 2) we must keep the spooks, especially the private sector spooks, on a leash, not our prisoners.

Bear in mind, if you shoot a man in uniform, he's a war casualty. If you shoot a CIA agent, it's suddenly murder. Agents of the United States in a conflict zone during war must act under the same standards as soldiers and be subject to the same risks.

By the way, I'm expecting to see a brand new flavor of porn coming out very soon based on all of this abuse since so much of it is sexual in nature.

Errr. If I come across porn, that is. You know, accidentally?

Why must you still insist on using the Post as a "reference"? Geez, you're killing me, people.


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