Monday, May 31, 2004

"You are doing a [subpar] job."

I cannot believe that there are voters who, even at this late date, think that George W. Bush would do a better job of defending America against another terrorist attack than John Kerry. And here's why: he did everything he could to allow the first one to occur.

Terrorism didn't fall into his world-view, so he ignored it. When people raised the alarm, he censured them. When the first plane hit the World Trade Center, he acted as if nothing had happened.

His cronies towed the line as to the "intelligence" they picked and chose. Clinton's team couldn't stress enough the importance of fighting terrorism. And what did they know?

After the WTC bombing, Clinton's administration hunted down and prosecuted terrorists in such a way that they could stop future terror acts. How successful were they? The Millennium Bombing plot was averted. So were a couple of others. In fact, the intelligence gained from the successful prosecution of the WTC bombers is really what gave the war on terror any kind of foundation.

What has Bush done? He attacked Iraq. He's managed to concentrate the terrorists in a foreign area and created such demand that they don't get proper training. Was that what he meant to do? No, according to the pre-war rhetoric. Hell, it wasn't one of their aims according the pre-election rhetoric (courtesy of Project for the New American Century). What were they trying to do?

I would have said extend American Imperialism. I would have said control foreign resources, or get drunk on power, or vicariously make up for their utter lack of military service, or get back at Pappy never being around (note: applies to Gwib only).

But I just don't know anymore. It doesn't make any sense. If they were serious about any of this stuff, I'm sure they would have thought about it with a critical mind and planned extensively. They do so for their political campaign, so we know that they have something.

Or is it just that they are callously trying to distract Americans? That would certainly explain the lack of funerary visits — or even a simple phone call thanking a family for the service of their child, the regret of their loss — when they are able to get off their asses to campaign.

I want them out of office, sure, but Congress has no moral authority left if it fails to impeach these criminals.


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