Sunday, June 27, 2004

Anyone up for a game of horse?

GWBush did not PLAY football at college; he was a cheerleader. GWBush wears cowboy boots, designed for putting one's feet in stirrups, but George W. Bush does NOT ride horses - doesn't even get up on a horse. He's afraid of horses.[More]

I've heard this referenced a couple of times. I've never seen any pictures of him near a horse.

Supporters have pardoned his verbal dyslexia and aphasia ("Abu Garaf", anyone?) as not only being unimportant but also being a trait his dad has. Supporters have played down his quote about turning to a father of strength and other signs of his poor relation with pappy as being due to strains when his sister died in childhood. Supporters have played down his arrogant economic policies as finally taking hold, despite the growing gap between rich and poor.

How do supporters handle his horse thing?

Not that horsemanship is a qualification for the Presidency. Not that his lack of horsemanship points out just how phony his rural and Texan image is. Not that his activities on his horseless "ranch" are carefully crafted photo opportunities.

But honestly, how do you guys support someone who's freaked out by everything from Shetland ponies to Clydesdales?
Maybe the horses just excercise too much horse-sense around him and it makes him look bad. Perhaps he's worried that they will call him a "Yahoo".


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