Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Funny, I don't agree with P.J.

He really sums up the argument between liberals and conservatives as liberals want to take away the conservatives' money and conservatives want to take away the liberals' fun?

He must be speaking of socially. Based on the last several "conservative" administrations, money was taken, fun was had by some, the nation was left holding the check.

I'm paying for government kick-backs in the 80s. Some might say, "Not at the moment, you aren't," and I would say, "Damn you for speaking so lightly of my unemployment." But seriously, when the government's house is in better order, the business world booms.

This is not a lie. This is a fact.

Out of control deficits hurt everyone. Lie-and-spend conservatives hurt America's economy. But to hear the testimonies to Reagan, whose fiscal plans were labeled "voodoo economics" by Bush pere, Reagan made us free. Bull.

That's why I listen to "hate radio". To counter the lies of popular media and the lies of the right wing. I get emails from people, especially quoting the nutty Coulter (I loved where he said she "has the look of a soon-to-be-ex wife who has just finished shouting") and have to tell people about the lies she spews.

I take it that "liberal" and "conservative" are code words for "Democrat" and "Republicans"? If so, show me a war won by a conservative. Civil? Is that the best you can do? Cold? Please. Liberals saved the world, and you know it. Greatest generation? Led by liberals, thank you very much. Conservatives? Let's look at Eisenhower's farewell address, shall we?

When nutty, nutty Ann starts calling liberals "traitors", she'd better start coming up with some good reasons for her "hate speech". Liberals are always against America? Really? I didn't triple the deficit, saddling future generations of Americans with unconscionable tax burdens.

What do liberals hate then? Fat cats. The intellectually lax. Aristocracy.

Yes, I am not a Bush fan. I am not a Reagan fan.

I don't think that it's fair to live in an America where life is good only if you're rich. Then, you can murder people and get away with it. You can cheat the government and get away with it. You can steal money from people and get away with it.

My government isn't suppose to only work for the richest 1% of the population. In fact, my government shouldn't give its protection based on the wealth or religion of someone, but rather should protect those in need.

There has already been a great war between the liberals and conservatives in America, and it was called the McCarthy Witchhunts.

I thought that the 90s were supposed to be the 70s redux. Instead, it looks like they might have been the 20s. Bush the lesser has certainly done his economic handywork on our economy, although it's something short of a depression (damn those regulations installed by liberals! They have stopped our full conservative potential). Does that mean that 9/11 was Pearl Harbor and now we're moving back into McCarthyism again?

I'm afraid so. And that's why I tune in to people preaching to the choir — after all, that's how you get the choir to sing louder.

If "P.J." is, in fact, his real name.


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