Friday, June 18, 2004

RTGA (Reading through gay article...)

I'm not a statistician, so I don't know if these numbers are indicative. They polled about 0.3% of their population, men and women, between 18 and 59. An additional 0.7% said they were bisexual. But the most telling information was:
Statscan asked people whether they considered themselves heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, rather than asking respondents whether they had ever had a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex.

Quebec reported the highest number of homosexuals or bisexuals at 2.3 per cent, followed by British Columbia, New Brunswick and Ontario.

Statscan also said that more younger people reported they were either homosexual or bisexual. Two per cent of the 18-to-34 group self-reported as being homosexual or bisexual, while 1.2 per cent of those between 45 and 59 said they were homosexual or bisexual.

Two things sream out at me: 1) they're asking people to identify with a group rather than describe their behavior and 2) I always knew there was something funny about them Quebecois.
Sorry about the lack of postings. I was tied up.


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