Friday, July 23, 2004

All your base are belong to us

It's one thing to be an Intellectual and anther thing entirely to be part of the "Intellectual Class". In the end the Intellectual Class is no different than any other group of self gratifiers like the religious Right, Pro-Choice, or The LGBT Animal Liberation Front. What about Freethought?

W is just another big spending, tell you how to live your life politician. Were it not for Radical Islam, I wouldn't vote for the man. Hell I didn't vote for him the first time around. I'd be voting for Michael Badnarik (If elected we'd call him the Coder in Chief) if I didn't fundamentally disagree with how Kerry is going to deal with the Middle East.

One cannot be a leader if you are too busy looking over your shoulder wondering if people will still like you. We've had 12 years of that and like it or not W is a leader.

Bush has chosen to confront them. He hopes that once Iraq has Democracy the rest of the middle east will follow. Will this work? I don't know. It's from an old play book. It may fail miserably. I do know that negotiations with them will not work. Maintaining the Status Quo will not work. We've tried those already. Pushing Israel get pushed into the Mediterranean Sea will not work. They will still be unhappy about the dominance of Western Culture.

What would I do? I've long felt that we need to turn the Middle East into glass. I've felt this way prior to 9/11. So in my mind Bush's attempt is the better than ignoring, negotiating or nuking.

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