Monday, July 26, 2004

All Your Base Belong to Kerry

Watch how you throw around the class warfare stuff there, Grasshopper. When it comes to wealth, it seems that nobody in recent memory has anything on the junior senator from Massachusetts (okay, *maybe* Caligula):
There is the $3.7 million mansion in Fox Chapel, Pa., on a 90-acre estate with a pool and a carriage house; the $6.9 million town house on Beacon Hill back in Boston; the $9.1 million waterfront house on Nantucket Island; and a $5 million ski chalet in Ketchum, Idaho, built from a 15th-century barn discovered in England that was then taken apart, shipped to America, and reassembled stone by stone. When they want to live simply, the Heinz Kerrys make do with a 23-room town house in Georgetown, almost three times the size of the one that the Kennedy's lived in, and worth a mere $4.7 million. To go back and forth between all of these places, the Kerrys have the deluxe model of the Gulfstream V private jet, which retails for about $35 million.

[ . . . ]

In 2003, Kerry's main source of personal income was the sale for $1,350,000 of a painting, part of which he "bought" seven years ago from his wife. (Nice work if you can get it.) According to the Los Angeles Times, Franklin D. Roosevelt was worth about $11 million in today's money when he died in 1945; Lyndon B. Johnson about $82 million in 1966; and John F. Kennedy was worth about $124 million in 1960. The same report put the wealth of Teresa Heinz Kerry at between $1 billion and $3.8 billion, or more than five times the worth of these wealthy former presidents combined. [More . . . ]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, he married into it. Please explain to me how his second marriage to a second multi-millionaire heiress in less then twenty years makes it any better. I go for women with big feet - he goes for women with big . . . ?

He gets a free ride on this one by the press who are so enamored of it because they keep thinking Camelot 2.0 is happening right before their eyes. Instead this is a arrangement that would seem, on its surface, to make the Clinton's arrangement seem mutually virtuous.
Excuse me, I have to go slam my first seller on eBay who cheated me out of $75.00. Then it's off to the Oshkosh airshow for a few days.


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