Monday, July 12, 2004

Follow the Money, You Know What I'm Talking About, Right? This Goes All The Way To The Top - You Know - You Know You Do

*They* probably wanted you to miss this little blurb in Tuesday's NYT - that's why they buried this little gem on the front page:
The collapse of the earth's magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest about 150 years ago, the NY TIMES is planning to report on Page Ones Tuesday.

In 1856, just about 150 years ago, the Republican candidate for president, John Fremont was defeated by the last elected Democrat (James Buchanan) for thirty years. The electoral college count was 174 - 114. Then, as now, Florida went Democratic. A Democrat wouldn't be elected president until Grover Cleveland took office in 1884, and then was stolen back from the Dems by the GOP in 1888. You know what I'm talking about.
Broad explains: "During a reversal, the main field weakens, almost vanishes, and then reappears with opposite polarity. Afterward, compass needles that normally point north would point south, and during the thousands of years of transition much in the heavens and Earth would go askew.

And who benefits from reversals - especially those on the Supreme Court? You know - sniff, sniff, wink, wink.

Speaking of Supreme Courts, Florida and magnets - Guess who the largest distributor and manufacturer of mindustrial magnets is? You knew it - K & D Magnetics of - you guessed it - Boca Raton Florida.

And Just what happened in Boca Raton (That's Rat Stick in Espanola) in, oh, let's say, the fall of 2000? That's right - you know who stole 503 votes - just enough for his daddy to put him in front of Supreme Court for

And they probably also don't want you to know who was donating way back when in 1996 - that's right - KDS DISC DRIVE REPAIR of Northridge, CAlined some NRCC pockets to the tune of $250.

But you knew we were going to get some M.I.C. action going in this didn't you?
The Magnequench [GERMANY!]factory (originally known as UGIMAG) was sold in August 2000 to a consortium that included Chinese interests. In 2001, it was announced the plant would be shut down.

The factory is responsible for producing 80 percent of the rare-earth permanent magnets used in the guidance systems of U.S. "smart bombs," according to lawmakers.
[More . . . ]

So do you still think that it's just a conincidence that the Earth's Magnetic Poles are just now reversing eachother? Reaarange the letters in Magnequench and you can get "HANG CEQ MENU", "GUNMAN CEQ HE", and "HUMAN CEQ ENG". Wheels within wheels, man - wheels within wheels.
You know what I'm talking about and it goes all the way to the top - the President? Yeah, like *he's at the top of that pyramid. You know what I'm talking about - Winnipeg 1967 - you know it.


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