Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Long Awaited Rant

There were four days off for the Fourth of July holiday - after months of fourteen hour days, it was determined that a long convalescence at home with some DVD's and gin was highly in order. It seems to have worked.

The point of the now long forgotten Hillary quote is that this is the quote that many of us on the Right were waiting for. Imagine the open mic blunder of W stating "Geez, as soon as Ashcroft rounds up all the hippies and we convert all Muslims to Christiandom, everything will be just fine." It's that good for us.

Don't believe for a moment that whatever former Enron-Adviser-turned-economic-columnist Paul Krugman has to say about the trashing of the economy. Unlike gathering storms of enemies abroad, there is ample evidence over the last two hundred years that like sunspots, there is a natural ebb and flow to the economy, impacted from time to time by natural disasters and warfare. 'Tis the way things are. The economy is on the upswing again, and everybody except for the NY Times has figured this out.

But back to Madame Junior Senator. "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." This begs two questions right off the top - Who is "we" and what is the "common good"?

"We" is whoever she likes and the "common good" is whatever she thinks it is. This neatly underpins the entire debate in this nation. One side believes that you should do with your money whatever the hell you want and the other believes that they know better then you. Yes, yes, yes, there is an arm of the GOP that thinks you shouldn't spend your money on beer and porn and there is an arm of the DNC that thinks you should be able to buy pot and thirteen year old boys. Neither arm is as influential as they'd like to think they are.

Just to wrap this into current events, the party that believes in raising taxes for the common good has just nominated two millionaires. One married into what he hadn't already inherited and the other is an admittedly excellent trial lawyer. These two guys are going to decide that what you need to do with your measly $50K p/year is to give some up to their constituents. The other party has nominated two millionaires who think that you have the right to decide what to spend your dough on.

So we're still in the red/blue divide. My predicition for this election is going to be another razor thin margin, suits filed by the Dems first, and more of the same urban/rural divide that we've seen growing for the last thirty years.

But I ain't saying who's going to win.
Not nearly as rant-filled as I wanted, but the holiday mellowed me. Back to the 14 hour thing.


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