Thursday, July 08, 2004

News of the Day

The Republicans hit back, with President George W Bush casting doubt on Mr Edwards' political experience.

Quoth the pot, "Black!"

W's experience? Political experience? How laughable is that? W's sole accomplishment to date was owning a baseball franchise (possibly purchased with illegal-gained monies) and trading away one of the all-time greatest hitters in the game. Then he helped his dad's campaign lose to Bill Clinton (good times) and ran against Ann Richards, the political woman everyone loves.

W still isn't qualified for the job.

So what is this political-speak for? "We can't dig up enough dirt on you to make you look bad." The GOP casts Kerry as having two sides to every issue (I love the fact that his opinion changes over time -- you know, like Strom Thurmond's did). Edwards hasn't been around long enough to build up any attack ads.

'Sides, he's running for Veep. What were Quayle's qualifications?
I'll get back to the "common good" question soon (hint: it has to do with relative incomes and military expenditures). Glad to hear everyone took a couple days off.


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