Friday, July 09, 2004

Observations from JavaOne

  1. When you are in our country please wear deodorant.
  2. Large groups from many countries makes for some pretty stinky bathrooms. Think: Curry farts combined with Beer farts
  3. I'm really tired of having Europeans explain to me that America is not liked in the world.
    • Do you think I'm so uniformed that I don't know this?
    • Do you think I really care what the world thinks of America? Headscarves not withstanding, I'm not real pleased with France, but I don't expect them to care what I think of them.
  4. Thai food and Mickey's don't mix.
  5. Sun's Real Time JVM is way cool.
  6. Properly implemented Real Time code should be really boring. You never want to see a 1000 lb Turbine get exciting.
  7. It's unlikely that I'll ever need Sun's Real Time JVM.
  8. NASA is embracing Open Source
  9. James Gosling is a Canadian
  10. In the future cars will have customizable Horn tones.
  11. Think about the Ring tone market. Now item #10 is not as strange as you initially thought.
  12. Item #10 is going to be really freaking annoying.
  13. It's good to be home. Back to my rather small Midwestern existence and thinking small thoughts. See Item #2

Hey if we can quote Star Trek, Shawn should be able to quote Sorokin.


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