Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Sure, Congress Wants to Investigate Now

Listen, sometimes there are things I just don't get into. I'm not talking about things like the music of the Dixie Chicks or the Macarena, I'm talking about the Republicans picking NYC for their convention site and Sandy Berger shoving classified objects down his pants. Clearly, Sandy shouldn't have done that, much like I shouldn't have tried the Macarena (which is not the forbidden dance, but should be).

Anyway, if I was going to talk about Sandy, I would seriously have to equate it with the Plame thing. After all, both were serious breaches of national security (although only one of them involved actually breeches — oh, I slay). However, one was clearly sacrificing national security for political retribution. I can't even say what the hell was going through Sandy's mind.
I have the boy in FL through the first week in August — w00t! — and am preoccupied with setting up play dates with his cousins, getting him out to the beach, and making sure that he gets to watch my brother's snake consume a mouse. Sorry if I'm slacking a little on the blog.


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