Saturday, August 21, 2004

Class Warfare

That's why you've got to be careful about this rhetoric, we're only going to tax the rich. You know who the -- the rich in America happen to be the small business owners. That's what that means. Just remember, when you're talking about, oh, we're just going to run up the taxes on a certain number of people -- first of all, real rich people figure out how to dodge taxes. (Laughter.) And the small business owners end up paying a lot of the burden of this taxation. George Bush, August 9, 2004 [More]

OK, Bush talks to "the people" and tells them that the rich just get out of their taxes, so there's no reason to raise taxes. That's pretty odd - combined with the people saying that they couldn't afford to work if the taxes went up. I seem to remember many of those very same people working (and working hard) under the Clinton Administration's crushing taxes.

I've also worked for someone who ran an S Corp. (which the prez was talking about). It ticked me off, because everyone in the company basically served him. I was hired to code and do some network administration, but ended up having to go out to his house to fix his home computer a couple of times. I've also been advised against S Corps any time I considered making a corporation in favor of LLCs. So I'm not sure exactly who he's trying to help here.
My prediction? Kerry Landslide. In fact, it'll be the Democratic tide, with Dems winning the White House, Senate, and possibly the House, but at least making a serious dent in it. What are the stakes on this again? Are we betting money?


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