Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Getting Loopy.

Gonna have to run with Shawn on this one. I was initially uncomfortable about the whole carpetbagger issue, but I figured that since HRC did it, we might as well, also. Hey, it ain't an issue if they can't make it into one, right?

But then we hear from the man himself . . .

"I must leave the land of my forebears in order to defend the land of my spirit and my conscience and my heart."

[ . . . ]

"The battle is for us but I have confidence because the victory is for God."

[ . . . ]

"The very principles on the basis of which slavery was abolished have been abandoned by Barack Obama and others in the Democratic Party. And I think that that abandonment betrays the heart of many Americans who are deeply committed to the American creed. And that is the reason I have stepped into this race."

[ . . . ]

"I think I have addressed the issue of the very deep differences between what I am doing and Hillary Clinton. She used the state of New York as a platform for her own personal ambition. I had no thought of coming to Illinois to run until the people here in the state party decided there was a need.
Just as people faced with a flood, or people in the case of 9/11, would call on folks, firefighters and others to help them deal with the crisis that they were faced with." [More . . .]

I have always admired Alan Keyes for his adherence to strict federalism, I believe that he is one of the most brilliant constitutional scholars out there. But this is just loopy. All I know about Barak Obama I read in the Liberal Media, but at least he's an honest to goodness FIB.

We have just redefined the very notion of vanity campaign.
Bruce, the mechanical shark used in the movie, was named after Spielberg's attorney.


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