Monday, August 30, 2004


Dude, Steve Gardner served on the boat with him. Which also means that he was in the Navy at the same time as JFK. Steve Gardner seems to be calling Kerry a liar.

Larry Thurlow, Van Jack Chenoweth, and Van Odell were on the water with him on March 13th 1969. They all counter Kerry's story.

Michael Medeiros who appeared with JFK at the DNC even said that they never went beyond the border of Cambodia, and he didn't recall dropping off the Special Forces in Cambodia.

Let's not forget the photo that the Kerry campaign has been using, only 3 officers in the photo say he is fit to be the DIC. To be fair 2 are "N/A" and two others are dead. The others all say that he is "Unfit". They must have served with Kerry if Kerry used the photo in his campaign? Right???

Brian, I know your cat, and the VRWC would do well to run him over. Before he takes over the world.

Gonna pickup my back ordered copy of the book today

Hey I bet even The Dead don't like John Kerry


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