Sunday, August 29, 2004

So That's What It Looks Like!

In case you wondered what a failing campaign looks like, here it is:
Web of Connections

Speaking purely as a guy who does a little bit of defense work for a living, I can tell you that the generally accepted heirarchy of proof is:

1. Direct Evidence (photos, DNA)
2. Circumstantial Evidence (bloody gloves)
3. Testimonial Evidence (eyewitnesses, confessions, hearsay)
4. Motive
5. Opportunity

No we remember that all detective shows in the 1980s dealt purely with #4, and that would generally be enough. In the real world, we'd like to see more of nos. 1 and 2, but we invariably have to deal with #3 on a regular basis.

So what the Kerry gang has given us is loads of #4 and a touch of #3. What the SBVT guys have given us is mounds of #1. And the testimony of one Citizen Kerry on April 22, 1971 gives us a bit more of #1 (although he relied heavily on #3 in the Winter Soldier testimony)

When you start breaking out the flow charts, you start looking more and more like defunct Texas oil barrons with ears that should've been tacked back decades ago.
A Flow Chart! Maybe we'll get a pretty Powerpoint presentation next!


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