Sunday, August 01, 2004

True Story of Dante

So I took the boy fishing for the first time. Bear in mind that the little guy eats fish regularly (well, ocean fish). He reads lots of stories about fishing, so the concept is firmly in his mind.

We got up early and dug up worms. He has no problem handling those. We get to the spot and start hooking the worms. Boy's ok with that, too.

We then proceed to catch and keep 9 fish. No lie. There are about 3 we released on the spot. Unfortunately, one of the little ones Dante caught ended up coming home with us.

My mom came out and inspected the bucket. She started grabbing fish and pulling them out to look at them (she's so Southern). She came across Dante's little one. Dante asked to hold it and began petting it and cooing "Fishy" to it.

Mom and I exchanged looks of concern.

I asked Dante, "Do want to eat him?"

Dante looked up at us with a wicked grin and shouted, "Yeah!"

He might be mostly vegetarian, but the kid isn't losing his killer instinct.
I did, however, shoo him away from the cleaning of the fish. And Dad or I threw his fish into the creek out back.


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