Sunday, August 29, 2004

Unignored Gauntlet

"Can you point to one, just one TV ad from the Kerry campaign or a 527 that lies about the President?"

I actually can't. This isn't because of my brainwashing by the VRWC or because they are threatening to run over my cat with the Republican Attack Machine. It's because I simply lack the ability to see any of the teevee ads right now - and I rather like it.

But I will tell you this - Kerry and his supporters have gone out of their way since 2000 to impugn W's reputation, his intelligence and his character. They have accused him of smuggling drugs into Florida in the 80s, they have cited "evidence" that he is the least intelligent man to ever hold the office.

They have even suggested that he personally knew of and refused to do anything about 9/11.

So, no, I cannot point to just one TV ad that tells lies about the president. I can instead point to four years of the most ruthless attacks that any modern politician has had to endure. And he has done so with grace. And that drives Michael Moore, et al up the wall.

What if W would give them just one good drunken Nixonian rant? What if W would just lose his cool and do an eye-bulging Clinton screaming fit? He won't - it's simply not in the man's nature.

Quietly leaning over to a friend and referring to the editor of a national daily as a fucking asshole? Yup. Can do, has done.

It is a question of style, that's all.

What Kerry doesn't get isn't that most of us give a damn about his activities in some firefight in 1968 or 1969. I'm sure he did a fine job, as defined by the circumstances of the day. What we give a damn about are his actions in 1971 and 1972 when he was with the VVAW - those two years, I believe are a stronger indicator of the man's charather then four months under fire.

He went to war to be Audy Murphy. When that didn't pay off, he became Abby Hoffman.
And why exactly is his Silver Star certificate signed by SECNAV John Lehman, who served under Reagan fully eight years after Kerry "gave back" his medals (ribbons, whatever) in a very public manner?


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