Sunday, September 19, 2004

AWOL for 3 Weeks!

Actually, it's me, this time. I'll be in NYC, unable to defend truth, justice, and the left side of the political spectrum while I'm gone. Well, maybe I will, but who the heck knows.

In the mean time, just remember that Democrats have controlled the Senate, House, and White House at points in history and no one ever took away your guns.

Just like how the Republicans control the Senate, House, White House, and Supreme Court, but abortion hasn't been overturned. What are you guys waiting for?

Everyone out there take care: Uzis are back on the streets. (And I'm going to New York? Escaping from New York is the topic of a number of movies -- what am I? Some kind of maroon?)
See? At least when I go AWOL, people know where they can find me!


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