Thursday, September 16, 2004

A brief interlude

I was hoping this would never happen. But here are the awful numbers:
Florida: 5 years
Arkansas: 4 years
South Carolina: 4 years
Oklahoma: 4 years
Total: 17 years

Overseas: 5 years
Wisconsin: 5 years
New York: 4 years
Total: 14 years

I'm nearly dead even on how much time I've spent in the South with how much time I've spent out. In many ways, I am the Worf of the South. On the other hand, I've been to Vicksburg and some battlefields in Pennsylvania. Never been to Stone Mountain, though.

It wasn't a math mistake. It was a lapse, and I only point it out because it was un-freakin'-characteristic of you, a man who values facts and history. I respect your body of knowledge, even when we disgree on where this country is going.

Like that time that Clinton launched Tomahawk missles for no apparent reason. Conservatives were going on an on about "No War for Monica", talking about how unqualified he was to be doing this, involving us time and again in humanitarian efforts, especially Somalia, when he had no service.

To be clear, the number of U.S. dead in Somalia is dwarfed by the dead in Iraq. Both cases could be construed to be humanitarian efforts. Clinton should have stayed in Somalia (in my opinion) and should have done something about Rwanda (which he didn't because of the Somalia backlash). Bush should have done more about Sudan, and may yet have opportunities. Something needs to be done about North Korea, and I suspect that might come to haunt us.

The tomahawks were fired at Osama bin Laden. If Clinton hadn't been bothered with a civil suit, perhaps he wouldn't have launched the attack (or at least when he did). Or perhaps he would have been able to see it through all the way. Instead, he had to defend himself in court over a case that was eventually determined to be without merit.

Try "Dems like sex. Repubs like aristocracy. If you want to live like a Repub, vote Dem." Not a platform, but it beats, "If you vote Dem, you are consigning us to more terrorist attacks," which, by the way, is the most reprehensible political speech I have ever encountered. Who's calling whom dumb in that claim? The Repubs sound like they're calling both the electorate and the Dems, but that might just be me.

Ike spent a lot of time on the golf courses and when in the White House was building up a military-industrial complex that even he could no longer support in the end. Ford fell down the stairs a few times, sure. But I asked my dad to choose, if he absolutely had to, between Bush and Nixon, and the choice was clear: a vice-president was dismissed for financial misdoings and the President stepped down after his misdoings were brought to light. Why can't Bush restore the honor and dignity of the Nixon era?

Afghanistan? Yes. Iraq? No. Iraq didn't do crap. We invaded Iraq with a force ten times greater than we ever put into Afghanistan, where a known enemy of the United States hid, a man who struck out against America and killed its civilians on its shores twice.

Kerry won't pull us out because it would destabilize the area. You break it, you own it. However, he will ask for help from around the world with the clean up. You know, like Costa Rica who recently pulled out of Iraq operations. Maybe they'll rejoin and send troops this time.

If, on December 8th, FDR had invaded Argentina, the world would have been right to shake their heads and wonder what the heck was the matter with these people. True, it wasn't the Germans themselves who attacked the U.S., but we really aren't going to go down that road, are we?

I'm going point-by-point. I had to get off the computer so my dad could get on. Yes, I know how pathetic that is.

Bounce is about to end. The pools are about to reflect that. Plus, the bounce had the added benefit of scaring the hell out of the Dems and got them working (after they got done being depressed).

I'll post the platform next.

You should totally post that Major with the shoulder board issue. Plenty of ex-military read this and would enjoy it. OK, my sister would.


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