Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bzzzzzt . . . Click.

Total disconnect, dude. Once again proof that ABB is a stronger ticket then Kerry Edwards.

I won't debate whether Bush lied, it's no use - I'd just as soon argue with my tree to stop shedding leaves on my front yard.

But what is telling is that I haven't heard one defense of the attacks on Mr. Kerry and his amazing boy sidekick! Could this be because in the Left's heart of hearts, they know that he would have also invaded Iraq based upon the information the CIA provided?

Is it because they know that the French would have abandoned us in Iraq under Kerry, just as they did in Yugoslavia under Clinton?

Is it because they know that the terrorist attacks against Americans occur regardless of who is in office?

Is it because they know what the Right (and the Boston newspapers) have known for years - that the man is an unprincipled gold-digger only interested in the next election?

Terrence is waiting for a defense from the adherents to the Religion of PeaceTM. I am waiting for a cogent defense of Kerry that doesn't rely upon attacks on the present administration.

Terrence and I will be waiting a long, long time.
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