Thursday, September 16, 2004

A Fisking

In blog parlance, a fisking is a point by point rebuttal of your opponents posting. It is named for Saddam's chief cheerleader, Robert Fisk of one of the seedier English tabloids.

This, is a fisking:
I'm not one to pass up opportunities to reference Sun Tzu, so I won't let this one pass.

You should, he's more difficult to quote then Churchill or Orwell. But I'll let you.
Bush is meddling in things he doesn't know about. Dude never served. He never led anything other than a conga line at college. He drove business after business into the ground. Much like he is doing with America.

The oil business is a boom-bust business. He busted and he boomed. So be it. But he never served? PLEASE! Is this horse ever going to be done getting flogged? The last guy went to Oxford - and then Moscow while on deferments! And then he sent our boys on more missions then Reagan! And you're concerned that W never served? No. You can not argue this point while touting the successes of the previous administration. Won't let it happen.
I have every right to protest his misleading and mishandling. Not that he ever thinks he makes any mistakes. Should I start capitalizing His pronouns? From what I understand of His religious beliefs, only one was without blame or mistake.

This is simply absurd. I'm waiting for you to turn down a Christmas present. Furthermore, you have no rights anymore. According to the echochamber of a media we have these days, everybody who disagrees with this administration has been hauled off to jail.

I'm going with the Jonah Goldberg definition of tyranny here - if you're still calling your government a tyrannical dictatorship in public, it's a good bet that you don't live in one.
But He and His entire administration is marked by their uncommon arrogance. Their arrogance leads time and again to people dying.

The people are dying in a war that we didn't start and Kerry has said he would be fighting if he were president (this week, subject to change without notice.) You think this war is mishandled? Marine Corps mothers in WWII petitioned Congress for an investigation into Iwo Jima because it was such a "failure". I'm thinking that had John Kerry been our fifteenth president, he would have backed off after Manassas.
THK was showing up to help draw attention to the plight of people who cannot vote in this election, but should fall under any protection offered by the Monroe Doctrine. She was helping out, and I would be surprised if you couldn't re-read that article and look at it as a request to contributors to stop sending clothes and start sending water.

Dude, you just cited the Monroe Doctrine. The last guy to do that was Senator Scoop Jackson (maybe Al Haig). Anyways, isn't she really telling children that it's okay to die of skin cancer from sunburn as children? Isn't that it?
Bush says that he supports the military. Yet I cannot think of anyone who has done more to hurt current and former members of the military. He shirked His duties, ignored the leaders, broke the law, failed to properly supply the troops, cut their pay, removed their benefits, and did everything he could to leave their asses hanging in the wind.

the funny thing is that I'm only hearing this from the Left. I still have plenty of friends left in the military and none of them have indicated to me that their pay has been cut, that their benefits have been cut or that they are poorly supplied. Stop listening to the MSM echochamber and ask around.
Why? Because He's an arrogant idiot. He's too stupid to understand how stupid He is, to arrogant to see how arrogant He is. He's out bass fishing while 20 year olds are dying for His arrogance.

This arrogant idiot scored A's and B's on his flying proficiency written exams and then went on to graduate from HBS. If his family got him through those programs because of their connections, how can we be so certain that Kerry's very well connected parents didn't do the same to get him through law school?

He's out bass fishing? And who hasn't showed up for his paying job except maybe two or three times in the last year for a handful of pointless votes carefully crafted to support his election? You want AWOL? Check out Kerry's voting record for the last two years. And then ask yourself why he still draws a paycheck.

This is the same old shit we've been hearing for over a hundred years now. Republicans are dumb, Democrats are smart. Republicans are knuckle draggers, Democrats are sophisticates who can deal with the nuances of reality. It's just not all that interesting any more.

What's sad is that you are going to be *so* embarassed to have supported this man's campaign in two years. You heard it here first.

That was a fisking. A short, erudite, off the hip dissemenation of your opponents arguments. The tricky part is that your opponent will not read it. His mind closed up somewhere around December 2000 and hasn't seen the daylight since. It will not open up until the world is *exacly* as he wants it. Which will be the twelth Never.

Where exactly was Mr. Sun Tzu quoted?
Mine is longer.


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