Thursday, September 16, 2004

I was Off by One?

And I thought that as a true son of the south you were going to remind me that it was actually the First Battle Of Bull Run where the North got their asses handed to them in their first engagement with the Confederacy.

So after all that, you came up with a mistake in math as what was wrong with the post? I was doing better then I thought.

If the election were between Bush and his passing familiarity with the military and Bill Clinton who outright rejected the military, where would the Dems platform be?

Once you get rid of all this 35 year old crap about Viet Nam, we're still left with "Dems Smart. Republicans Dumb. Vote Dem." Christ is that a platform?

The only Republican President who wasn't dismissed as evil or stupid in recent memory would be Bush 41. Ike was a well known moron, just ask the supporters of Adlai Stevenson and Ford was a stumblebum (who really *was* selected, not elected).

We took the war to the Islamists front door. This was what had to happen. And even Kerry can't get around it. All he can do is whine that it wasn't done with enough European flair. Well, neither was the Pacific Front, and we got that accomplished.

Unless you can give me something other then W being the biggest doo doo head dummy poo poo head baby pee pee mouth ever to hold national office, I will be forced to declare victory.

There. You can't. I win.

Oh, and it's Red 311, Blue 223 today. But that'll change.
Christ, this gets easier everyday.


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