Thursday, September 23, 2004

"If you're explaining, you're losing." — Karl Rove

Terrence is waiting for a defense from the adherents to the Religion of PeaceTM. I am waiting for a cogent defense of Kerry that doesn't rely upon attacks on the present administration.

Are you really trying to control the agenda? How masterful! Distracting by trying to get the politically correct to defend a religion (Dammit, Jim, I'm an atheist, not a theologian) is typical Hannity style (had to change the channel before I would throw something at the TV again!).

However, asking for me to defend my guy (yep, he sure is) without smacking on the Prez is just beautiful. In fact, let's reframe the alternate:

Defend Bush's lackluster then shameful debacle of an administration without attacking the challenger.

Weird, huh? Once you can't call him a cheese-eating French sympathizer, you're kind of out of steam? You want me to talk about Kerry? Let's see you get to work on your candidate. You know? The one who said that the intelligence community provided overwhelming evidence that Iraq was an immenent threat to America (event though false) but then called the assessment of Iraq as a country falling apart at the seams as "guesswork" (even though it's true). (Bush's defense on that? America apparently has too many TVs. Well, duh! We went out and bought them like you told us to on September 12th. Don't you remember anything you say??).

I'm getting tired of having to play the Opposite Game. Rules?

      If a Republican says it, the exact opposite is in fact true. Example? "The economy has turned a corner!"

      If a Republican makes an accusation, it's in fact true of them. Example? "Kerry's a flip-flopper" (see Bush's reliance on intelligence above for the answer to this)

      If a Republican decries a technique but finds that their whines fall on deaf ears, they will stoop to outright lies. Example? 527s are bad! Like these Swift Boat Vets we're secretly funding! Bad, bad 527s! Get rid of all of them!!

      When the facts are against a Republican, Deny, Distract, and Defame! Example? Far too numerous on this blog, even.

We talk about how we have to stop the ad hominem attacks, and then there are postings on the wives (well, I have posted anything about that killer, Laura Bush, but I'm a'itchin' to!). We talk about how we should talk about the issues, but then fail (I think I posted a couple of things). We talk about how we should be able to back up claims (and not use opinion pieces), and then fail.

So, gentle readers of this blog (right now, that means you, Kristel, I personally apologize for being unable to keep this blog on topic. The fact of the matter is that this election has us all frothing at the mouth. As soon as it's all over, we'll only occasionally have political screeds, and, dream a little dream, dialog.
Remember when this blog used to be a discussion of how God really did kill a kitten everytime someone masturbated? Dudes, where is the love?


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