Thursday, September 16, 2004

Let Them Drink Water!

Theresa Heinz Kerry stopped being earthy and glamorous a long time ago, and has now crossed into just being strange.

I'm not going to debate whether what she says has a shred of truth to it or not - this son of a registered sanitarian happens to believe that there is some merit to what she is saying - but the sheer condescension, the gall to think that she knows better than those collecting the relief supplies is the real show stopper.

When this election is over, and blame is being assigned all over the Left, THK will shoulder some of the blame. And Kerry will dump her. Oh, it may be a few months down the road, he may even wait until after the 2006 SOU speech. But he will assign her some blame and dump her earthy "african-american" butt. After this race he can have his pick of H'wood hotties for the rest of his life.
"'Paris Hilton' - my two favorite things - France and five star hotels!"


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