Friday, September 10, 2004

Let the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Begin!

Karl dropped out of college because after his little stunt (stealing letterhead, inviting the dregs of society to ruin a Democratic candidate's campaign headquarters opening, and then brag about it), he was investigated by the head of the GOP National at the time, George H.W. Bush (keep in mind this happened right around Watergate and the Republicans were getting a black eye with their dirty tricks) who hired him.

That said, I'm curious about where 60 Minutes got these documents. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would think that Karl might have manufactured it simply for the purposes of decrying Kerry's smear tactics. I've considered changing the blog to use only non-proportional fonts as a show of solidarity against Karl's tactics, but who knows? Maybe it was manufactured by an exceptionally stupid Dem. It certainly takes some focus from the "Texans for Truth" ad. Not that Bush doesn't have anything else to hide.

Keep in mind that Karl isn't above planting a listening device in his own office to try to mix things up a little.

Oh, and bunches of law enforcement agencies want the ban preserved; they claim it helped keep crime low (what the hell do they know?).

Dude, you're in a blue state. I'm in a dead-heat state. Electorally speaking, our boys are in a dead-heat. You might want to read through the Rassmussen Report which shows Bush as having a slight lead, but shows both of us in Toss-Up states. It's hard to say. I don't think anyone's able to say that the fly-over country belongs to anyone since Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesotta, and Wisconsin all lean Kerry &mdash according to the map you referred to! You and I know that, sans Madison, Wisconsin is pretty socially conservative. I assure you that Iowa falls in that category as well. These are the key parts of the fly-over country, so I don't know what the hell you're thinking.

Maybe those parts of the country are plugged-in enough to know that your boy didn't show up when he was supposed to. Maybe they think he's messed up because he's from Connecticut, Yale and Harvard educated, yet has a Texan accent (only one in the family). And the dude is afraid of horses. I challenge you to show me a picture of him anywhere near one. People in MN think that's just stupid.

People are tired of a guy who had four years to put in place a national agenda, find and/or kill Osama bin Laden, fix Iraq, and turn the economy around. Your dude gave a speech at the convention that sounded like he'd never even been in office. What, has he been waiting until the election so he could get a real mandate? His party controls all three branches of government — what does he want to do that he can't? He's tight with the Saudis — during the debates, he promised to jawbone them — why can't he keep gas prices low? Why didn't he mention his Mission to Mars during his speech (or any speech, really, since he first mentioned it)? Why is he so afraid to mention Osama when he loves to talk about Saddam?

He's a miserable failure and he's on his way out. My prediction? Kerry landslide.

At least Dick Cheney's got an excellent grasp of the economy. Too bad he only passed two bills in Congress, as opposed to Kerry's 57 (why was Cheney attacking Kerry's record?).


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