Thursday, September 02, 2004

Not Buying it.

I know you and I just can't see you hanging with those id-jit rock throwing anarchists. You may be passionate about your beliefs, but you hanging out at hotels to push around little old ladies with Bush buttons or laying spread eagle on the pavement to represent some repressed minority somewhere just doesn't work for me.

What buggers my mind is that you count yourself among them ideologically - and I know you better than that. The likelihood of you pummeling a cop on a moped into a coma just doesn't ring true to me at all.

Frankly, imagining you marching lock step down 5th Ave arm in arm with Michael Moore and Jesse Jackson actually sends me into giggle fits, because I know that you'd be trying to figure out which lesbians had just returned from making out with eachother.

So, please, stay in FL where your vote will do your cause some good. Just hunker down, eh?
"Excuse me ladies, you seem very commited to sapphic politics. Can you please cover eachother wih this bottle of Anti-Bush Pro-Choice Organic Vegetable Oil and wrestle on this Kerry Edwards sign for me? It's for a good cause . . . "


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