Thursday, September 16, 2004


And I'll be that they won't be covered by Medicaid, medicare, private insurance, or anything else.

I'll be it's all part of Karl's sneaky plan to kill off all the elderly voters - you're onto something here!

We had this discussion at a Bar meeting the other night. John, an attorney from across the street was telling us vets how we had to sign up for all these freebies before BUSH TAKES THEM AWAY. John served did radio intercept and German translation at the Fulda Gap during the late 1950s. He wasn't exactly sucking Agent Orange Slushies for breakfast each day. He needs pills for his decidedly un-Army related heart condition (I think, just think, that alcohol and stress may be a factor there).

His law partner flew right hand seat in A-6's at the beginning of Vietnam. He doesn't think that the VA owes him any freebies anymore. They helped with his house, they helped with his education. He figures they're square.

The real difference? John is a Democrat who expects a handout. His partner is a Republican who doesn't.

Dude, you've got one dead link, one link from last January, two links from 2002 and a jim-dandy link from the oppo. And the best one you've got [Here] blames the present budget crunch on a 1996 liberalization of VA benefits. Try harder, not smarter.
I still win! Fruits of victory fall spoiled from your mouth!


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